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You go to a meeting to hear some new "hot shot" motivational guest speakers when suddenly it just doesn't seem like any other meeting. What's with those guest speakers? They arrived late and are arguing. Their bickering makes you want to laugh, but should you? You start to wonder-just who hired these people, when, POW, WHAM, CRASH, somebody dies! What did you see? What does the person sitting next to you have to hide? Any guest is a suspect, including you! Can you clear your name, have a good laugh and help your team solve the mystery? Join the cast of Dial M Murder Mysteries for “Team Building To Die For."

Most Fortune 500 Companies Have Worked With Dial M Productions

This is an interactive Murder Mystery designed to encourage interaction & team building. This is a social event. The guest will gather for a reception where every team will receive their clue cards. Using these cards the team mix and mingle with those attending this corporate event to ask questions, find suspects and meet new people.


The mystery will continue through the courses of dinner or around a buffet. We will incorporate inside information about your guests and company to make this a custom murder mystery event. We will frame the guests whom you would like to see highlighted as suspects. The guest can sit back and enjoy this interactive murder mystery whodunnit, or join in with the audience participation format. Our cast of Union actors who know how to interact with the guests, create improv moments and work within the aspects of a corporate function. There will be 4 crimes to solve. The teams will put their heads together to come up with a winning solution. 


Our Team BuildingMurder Mystery events can be fully produced with a custom soundtrack, wireless microphones for the cast and our own Sound Engineer and sound system. This will give your guests music as they enter the event, music during their meal, a custom soundtrack for the show and having the actors on microphones allows us to maintains a volume that the guests will enjoy. 


We have many themes available, Contemporary, Western, 1920's Gatsby, Victorian, Murder on the Orient Express and James Bond.

We are Certified Event Planners and carry 1 million in Liability Insurance. We can add you on as additionally insured. 

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