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What’s This 1920s Hollywood Murder Mystery?
It's an interactive murder mystery show that combines a murder mystery with a scavenger hunt for clues. This is not a show that you sit and watch. It allows audience participation in the form of social interaction and team bonding. The Murder Mystery will take about 90 minutes and will be divided into 2 Acts. For a 2.5-hour murder mystery event, you may provide refreshments, food stations, or dinner in between each act. The guests will move from room to room (or area to area), much like the Murder Mystery CLUE Game meeting characters and gathering information. We need 6 areas, for example, lobby, foyer, patio, banquet room, bar, powder room...places that the venue will let your guests visit for one hour. There is no other Whodunnit quite like the "Cat's Meow Hollywood Murder Mystery Evenr".

What Happens this Murder Mystery Whodunnit?


Upon the toast to the premiere of this new “talkie” film, one of the guests suddenly dies.  Can you guess which guest it will be? Now everyone is a suspect!  Because of the suspicious nature of this death, Detective Fred Kelsey has been called in to investigate the crime scene. He will help you find your clues and analyze the evidence. 

How To Solve The Murder Mystery


Your team begins by opening the clue packet to discover what murder mystery character to meet and in what room. The evidence will soon lead you to all the murder mystery suspects to question. Find out if they have a motive to kill the victim, and if the evidence links them to the weapon and the crime scene. The murderer will be implicated in three ways: A motive, weapon, and opportunity. Some of the characters in this party are innocent witnesses who know something important about the victim, and others are suspects with secrets to protect. Every character has valuable information that will help unravel the mystery. There will be several murders to solve during this progressive dinner party, so start gathering clues, before it’s too late!

Finding A Murder Mystery Character:

When you find a character, ask as many questions as you like, but don’t forget to stop and observe. This show is based on real history. Our characters include; Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davies, Louella Parsons, Joe Kennedy, and William Hearst, with The Mistress of Murder Coco Channell. Everything you see and hear could be a clue to solving this murder mystery. 

This show is

How To Solve The Murder Mystery:

Each team will receive one questionnaire to be completed as a team. The first team to turn in the winning solution will win a prize or certificate of award. So… keep trying to figure out “whodunit” throughout this event.



This show takes place in the 1920s, so a 20s Gatsby theme and attire are perfect for this 1920s Hollywood Party! We can also have a CLUE theme so you could have everyone dress as a character from the Clue Game (Yvette French Maids, Wadsworth, Col. Mustard, Miss Peacock, Miss Scarlett, Mr. Green, Professor Plum.)



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