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Los Angeles Dial M Murder Mysteries is a Los Angeles Murder Mystery Company providing murder mystery private parties, team-building murder mysteries, and murder mystery corporate events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Northern California. Our Murder Mystery Dinner Show allows the guests to interact with the Murder Mystery Cast of characters between the courses of dinner, or before a buffet. Each guest will decide how interactive they want to be in the murder mystery whodunit. Some guests will sit back and watch the murder mystery show, while others will get involved and enjoy the audience participation aspects of this murder mystery event. When given inside information about your guests or company, Dial M Murder Mystery can customize our Murder Mysteries and frame some of your guests as suspects. We will bring the cast and our sound engineer to a venue of your choice. Our soundtrack is custom-written to enhance the mystery. For large events we provide a Dial M Murder Mystery Sound Engineer and wireless microphones for the cast making the event extremely professional and well-produced. We are located in Burbank and Los Angeles and service all of California, Las Vegas, and Nevada. We enjoyed traveling the world with our Murder Mystery, "A Dinner You'll Die For!"

IMPRESSIVE … An appealing cast… a terrific time.” - LA Times

“A delightful mixture of mystery and comedy.” - Daily News

“A Murder Mystery come alive.” - Tribune

“A Los Angeles Phenomenon…” - Burbank Times

ABOUT OUR MURDER MYSTERIES: It seems like any other dinner party, until the Mistress of Murder announces, “Someone in this room is a Murderer!" From the moment you meet the “Mistress of Murder,” the plot begins to thicken. She will have you wondering if your dining companion is a guest, or if he’s one of the professional actors from Dial M Murder Mysteries playing out a mystery for everyone to solve.  In this interactive Los Angeles Murder Mystery Party everyone is a suspect, including you. ”Will your table be the one to solve tonight’s “Whodunnit?” Or will you be seated next to the Murder Mystery character who will soon make a toast and die?


"A PARTY TO DIE FOR" begins with a welcome reception and a “clue gathering.” There are over 50 clues to find.  What a great way to get the party started and meet your new group of friends. You’ve been warned that the guests are invited to lie about their identity and that no one needs to tell the truth.  So… will you be rich and famous or mysterious and aloof? This little extra bit of mischief makes the guests now quite interesting and the evening all the more playful. 

All of a sudden, “Pow”  “Wham” “Boom” - that guy you were talking with suddenly dies.  What did he say? Where was he from? What was his name? Who on the team is taking notes? But before you can say, “Waiter, there’s a body in my soup,” Detective Riley bursts onto the scene to help everyone ferret out the clues and begin to bring the culprits to light. 

Over dinner guests are encouraged to enjoy their meal and to share their clues with their teammates. As the party continues the plot begins to twist, leaving everyone more suspicious than ever - as one murder leads to another with more murder, mystery, and comedy. During dessert, your team will put their heads together to come up with one winning solution. The team who solves the mystery will be rewarded. 

MURDER MYSTERY SOUNDTRACK: Our Dial M Sound Engineer provides not only the murder mystery soundtrack but dinner and reception music. You’ll soon discover that all of the actors have wireless microphones. Every word from the actors can be heard, even while the guests are encouraged to interact and participate. Dial M Murder Mysteries wrote, scored, recorded, and produced our murder mystery soundtrack. The soundtrack adds murder mystery stingers, sound effects, and entertaining murder mystery music.

CUSTOM EVENTS: To make this a custom event we will include some of your guests as suspects. They will be framed and become part of the show. When given information about your group, we will personalize our murder mystery. In addition to our contemporary dinner party, we have several Murder Mystery themes. Including a 1920s Gatsby Murder Mystery. So Don’t dial 911 - Dial M~ because more than one unfortunate soul will bite the dust to give you an event to remember!


Los Angeles' Original & Longest Running
Murder Mystery Show & Company



Can we have a team-building murder mystery?

Yes! Most Fortune 500 companies have used our Murder Mysteries to inspire teamwork and to boost the morale and communication skills of their employees. 


Can our guests be the actors? 

We pride ourselves on presenting a polished, well-written, produced, and directed murder mystery show that carefully combines audience participation, mystery, and comedy.  Your guests will have the opportunity to get involved in the show by becoming suspects, being framed, and being witnesses. This allows them to interact and be involved, but keeps the show  “risk-free" with our cast of characters as the actors. 


Will your murder mystery travel to us? Yes! 

We are based in Los Angeles and travel to Las Vegas and many other locations. We’ve traveled all over the world with this show. 


Are you Certified and Insured?

Yes, Dial M Productions is a Certified Event Planner. We carry 1 million dollars in liability insurance.

Jesse Phillips March Northern California Dial M Artistic Director.

Meet our Artistic Director, Jesse March 
Northern California division of private parties, events, and team-building activities.

Jesse received his Master of Fine Arts from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The California Institute of the Arts (Calarts). Jesse, a native of Los Angeles, has been a theater artist for twenty-plus years, often performing internationally (Mexico, Scotland, England, Indonesia, France, and more).


His work has been critically acclaimed as a “Tour de force”, “So close to perfection that it’s difficult to write a review”, and “Hilarious”. Times Standard


Jesse has a special love for empowering others. He specializes in hosting Game Shows, leading Team- Building Activities, and helping others to develop team communication skills. For more information about Jesse March

Photos by Evan Wish Photography

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